Answered: Clarification on field perimeter for High Hanging

Hi Karthik,

I was wondering if you could clarify how the screws along the top of the field perimeter are considered when it comes to High Hanging (i.e. are the field screws considered part of the field perimeter for the purposes of High Hanging).

Screw in question circled in green in this image I grabbed from Appendix A:

Does a Robot have to be just above the flat beams along the field perimeter, or entirely above the top of the screw heads connecting the gussets to the beams in order to be considered High Hanging?

If a Robot does not have to be above these screw heads and instead only above the beams, does that mean that the Robots can therefore touch these screws and still be considered High Hanging?

Our current interpretation is that if a Robot was to touch a screw on the field perimeter, it would be considered touching the field perimeter and hence not High Hanging, and therefore Robots would need to be entirely above these field screws to be considered High Hanging.

Thank you for your time.


No, simply being above the flat beams (and not touching) is sufficient.

Yes, this would be legal.