Answered: Clarification on <G11>

During the Indiana State Championship semifinals, our robot was tipped over while we were guarding our trough. The other team basically pushed our team’s robot over, and it looked accidental (I suppose), but it was clearly an attempt to get us out of the way so that they could descore. They pushed us over by repeatedly attempting to shove our robot’s scoring mechanism back. The contact was definitely not minor and had it been, our robot would not have fallen over. It was ruled that this act was (by definition) legal, and I am inclined to agree because we were the defensive robot and therefore the offensive robot is to be sided with. However, after the match, the other team apologized for tipping us over and that they had to tip us in order to guarantee a win. This makes this tipping evident that it was done on purpose. My question is whether the tipping is still legal, and if it is illegal, should there have been a DQ or something else? Obviously, I’m not going to try and redo that match, but I am wondering for potential future references.

I would like to add that our robot is not a robot designed for defensive strategies and guarding a trough essentially involves us putting our scoring mechanism on top of the trough, as best we can.

Intentional tipping is still illegal. We cannot comment on the specific situation, as there has not been enough information presented to issue any sort of ruling.

Thanks for the reply! I certainly won’t be crying home about this one, as we’ve already qualified for Worlds.

You’re welcome!

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