Answered: Clarification on <G12>: Disruption of Hanging

Hi Karthik,

As per the new update, rule <G12> now reads:

In your original post, you provided the example of throwing game objects at a robot while it was attempting to hang as an illegal behavior.

One strategy our team was considering was to aim all of the stars we launched at the 3 tiles in the corner where the hang bar is. We would use this strategy from the start of the match, usually at least a minute before the other alliance would attempt to hang. The idea is that the large number of stars interlocked and jumbled around in this corner would be very hard to deal with, making it more difficult for the other alliance to separate the stars and hang.

My question is, does this still count as “disrupting”? This strategy would be used mostly in the very beginning of the driver controlled period, while the robots on the other alliance would be moving about on the field and not attempting a hang. A quick Google of the definition of “disrupt” produces the following:

The definition suggests that in order for this strategy to be “disrupting” a hang, the hang must have begun before the strategy was used. In this case, however, the strategy would be used before the process of hanging began at all, which leads me to believe that this strategy might be legal.

Would the strategy of effectively “blocking” the hanging bar with stars and/or cubes before the other alliance attempts a hang be legal or not?

Thanks for your reply!

Yes, this would be legal.