Answered: Clarification On <G12>

A team member of mine and I have been in a debate recently regarding an admittedly silly strategy revolving around elastics. In the past I have seen forum posts saying that according to <G10>, it is legal to lift an object after the end of the match provided that the method of lifting is triggered before the end of the match so that the bot never actually is resting. Assuming that this applies, if a robot had an elastic setup for launching or dumping stars that could be “activated” after the match, would this be a violation of <G12>?

So if a star was to hit or push an opposing robot, after the end of the match, would this count as intent of damage, seeing that the launch was indeed planned for but could not be stopped if another robot is in a sensitive spot? What about if this star accidentally hit a hanging robot?
I know that this may sound trivial, but with a larger application of this rule a decent strategy could be created. If this post-game strategy was more fleshed out, would this not be in the spirit of the competition and perhaps violate <G16>?

Provided the triggering occurred before the end of the match, any motion there after would be considered normal gameplay and would be subject to all game rules.

In general Stars contacting Robots is not a rule violation. Teams are expected to throw Stars over the wall and they will often hit Robots. What is illegal is intentionally throwing Stars at Robots that are Hanging or in the process of Hanging. This is a referee judgement call.