Answered: Clarification on grappling while high elevating using the wall

In this answered question, you ruled that a robot lifting its alliance partner could use the field perimeter for support, as long as the lifting robot does not grasp, grapple, or attach to the wall.
I was wondering if this ruling extended specifically to the triangular corner gusset that is bolted to the top of the field perimeter in the climbing zone. More specifically, would it be legal for a robot that is lifting its alliance partner, in an effort to keep itself from tipping over, drive underneath this gusset and react against the bottom, pushing upward simply by the force of the lifting robot beginning to tip over?
The lifting robot would not be reaching around or attaching itself to any portion of the field perimeter, and could be easily pulled away without any motion besides rolling the elevating robot’s base away from the wall.
On a side note, I know that these triangular corner gussets were not included on the field setup during the 2015 Vex World Championship despite being included in the official field assembly instructions for Skyrise. Would there be a guarantee that these gussets would be installed in the climbing zones on the official fields at the 2016 VEX World Championship?

The triangular corner gusset is not typically part of the VEX Field Perimeter for VRC Nothing But Event. However some events may continue to use them due to availability during the transition. Events should be using the new Competition Field Corner Brackets. Teams should not rely upon the old triangular brackets being used at VEX Worlds or any other event.