Answered: Clarification on Hanging in Autonomous Period

In response to this thread, which asked whether or not points for hanging would be awarded in autonomous mode, you said:

If a robot were to hang in autonomous mode, would the points received from hanging (just the hanging points, not necessarily the potential resulting autonomous bonus) count towards the score of the match? You said the points would count “towards the determination of the Autonomous Bonus” - does this mean that hanging points gained during the autonomous period only count towards the determination of the autonomous bonus, and not towards the overall score of the match?

We ask you to please read the manual very carefully before asking any questions in this forum.

Hanging is treated like any other method of scoring. At the end of the autonomous period, the team with the most points earns the Autonomous Bonus. At the end of the match, points are awarded based on the state of the Scoring Objects and Robots on the field.