Answered: Clarification on Hanging

Hello Karthik,

The VEX Toss Up Game Definitions section reads:

Suppose that robots A and B are on the Red alliance. Robot A deploys a large flat surface made of legal non-shattering plastic, and Robot B drives onto this surface such that no part of Robot B is touching the foam playing surface (but is instead supported by Robot A’s attachment). Robot B is in possession of a Large Ball such that this Large Ball touches neither Robot A nor the foam playing surface in this position. Robot B then deploys an appendage to contact the Hanging Bar, but this appendage supports a negligible fraction of Robot B’s mass.

Is Robot B Low Hanging? Is Robot B Hanging with a Ball?

Do these answers change if Robot A is on the Blue alliance?

Thank you for your help.

Robot B meets all criteria for Low Hanging and all criteria for Hanging With A Ball. Thus Robot B is Low Hanging and Hanging with a Ball.

If Robot A is on the blue Alliance, Robot B could be called for intentionally entangling Robot A, as intentionally driving on top of an opposing Robot and not moving away is generally considered a form of entanglement.

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