Answered: Clarification on Highest Stack

If an alliance has two or more stacks in a 5 or 10 Point Zone, of equal height but taller than the opponent’s, would they be able to receive the Highest Stack bonus? Given that there is no specific rule regarding tied stacks, and previous Q+As have found that in the case of tied stacks on opposing alliances there is no bonus awarded, it seems logical that this is the case.

For example, Red has two stacks in their 10 Point Zone with 8 Cones each. Blue has one stack in their 10 Point Zone with 6 cones. Would Red win the Highest Stack bonus, or since they have more than one Highest Stack would they not receive the bonus?

The Highest Stack Bonus refers to the tallest stack in each Zone; if there are two stacks of equal height, then they are counted equally. In the scenario described above, Red would receive the Highest 10 Point Zone Stack bonus. The Q&A that you have linked only refers to the scenario where opposing alliances have stacks of the same height.