Answered: Clarification on Highest Stack

Note: This is a translated question being posted on behalf of a VEX [team / student / event partner] in China.

Highest Stack – A Highest Stationary Goal, Highest 5 Point Zone, Highest 10 Point Zone, or Highest 20 Point Zone Stack
Stacked – A Cone is Stacked on a Goal if it is not touching a Robot of the same color Alliance as the
Goal and either:
a) Fully nested on a Goal (see Figures 5 & 6).
b) Fully nested on a Stacked Cone (see Figures 7 & 8).
Note 1: Cones still count as being Stacked even if the Mobile Goal that they are Stacked on is
not Scored.

As per the definition of Highest Stack, Stacked and Scored, if a robot (red alliance) has put a red mobile goal stacked with 8 cones into their 20 piont zone, but still touching the goal at the end of match. The blue alliance has no mobile goal in their 20 point zone at the end of match. Is it correct for the final result as below?
a. The stacked 8 cones will be counted as highest 20 point zone stack.
b. The red mobile goal will not scored.
c. The score for this scenario is 2x8 + 5 = 21

No, this is not correct. The definition of Highest Stack refers to the other definitions beneath it for each type of Highest Stack. For your example, let’s take a look at the Highest 20 Point Zone Stack definition, with some bolding for emphasis:

In order to be eligible for the Highest Stack bonus, the Mobile Goal in question must meet the definition of Scored. Thus, in this scenario, neither the Mobile Goal nor the Highest Stack Bonus would be scored.