Answered: Clarification on Large Balls Leaving

Hey Karthik,

I was looking at a few recent Q&As and I’m looking for some clarification. I’m referring to these two threads specifically and rule G8.

I’m a confused as the rules (G8) seem to suggest that the object should be returned to where it was launched (so zone X in the 1st thread) regardless of where it bounces. That was the treatment in the other example in the second thread where the ball bounces off another ball instead of the field in this example. Is there a difference between bouncing off a ball vs the field?

Yes, there is. Once a Ball touching the tiles, it is now considered to be in a new Zone. Hence if a Ball bounces of the tiles and out of play, it is returned to the Zone it was last in, i.e. the Zone it bounced in. If it Bounces off a Robot, it has yet to enter the new Zone, hence it goes back to where it was launched from.