Answered: Clarification on Note1 and 2 of Scored

Note: This is a translated question being posted on behalf of a VEX [team / student / event partner] in China.

a. As per Note 2 of Scored “If multiple Mobile Goals are in a scored position in a 20 Point Zone, the Mobile Goal with the most Cones Stacked will be the one that is Scored.”
In following picture, is the Mobile Goal supported by large pipe Sored in 20 Point Zone?

b. As per Criteria 1 “The Mobile Goal is touching the Goal Zone”, and Note 1 of Scored “Only one Mobile Goal can be Scored in each 20 Point Zone.”
The other mobile goal without cone and has not touch the large pipe, which means it has not touch any part of 10 Point Zone, is the goal Sored in 10 Point Zone?

c. If the mobile goal without cone can not count in 10 Point Zone, is it possible to count these two goal as below,
The goal with cone count in 10 Point Zone, the goal without cone count in 20 Point Zone?

The angle of the photo makes it a bit difficult to tell - however, if the Goal in question is contacting the gray tile inside of the 20 Point Zone, then yes, it would be considered Scored in the 20 Point Zone.

No. The Mobile Goal in this photo without a Cone on it would not count for any points.