Answered: Clarification on pinning and G11

I have seen this in practice matches so we would like official clarification…

While interacting on the field, Robot A pushes on Robot B such that Robot B is pushed up onto the bump. Robot B becomes high centered on the bump and can no longer move because of the ground clearance and the design of the robot (robot had omni wheels and was pushed sideways onto the bump and became high centered with all wheels off the ground and could not move).

Question, is Robot A responsible for pinning? since the robot is confined to a small area of the field?

Question, is the referee left to determine whether or not the action was intentional (which it was because it was a pushing match between two robots) and invoke G11.

Question, should the referee warn Robot A and then call DQ for subsequent matches?

We understand that everyone wants to compete. We don’t want to push robots over onto their backs and we can back off. However, we believe that the robot should be built to account for the 2" bump and if the robot gets hung on the bump - no matter how it got there - that is a design fault and a part of the game.

Just wondering what the GDC believes.

Robot A is definitely not responsible for pinning.

<G11> would not be invoked here. This is not a strategy solely aimed at destruction, damage, tipping, or Entanglement.

Teams should design their robots expecting interaction on and around the Bump.