Answered: Clarification on Pinning and SG15

It has become a common occurrence for a robot to pin an opponent’s robot into a scoring object which is then pressed against a field element (in almost all cases the field perimeter). After some discussion, there seems to be some disagreement on how the new SG15 rule would apply to this situation. The image below shows the scenario of a blue robot pinning a red robot against the field perimeter with a cone in the way:

SG15 says:

The definition of pinning is:

There is agreement that if the cone was between the blue and red robots and the red robot was against the field perimeter, this would be illegal, as the cone would be directly replacing an action that would otherwise be illegal if attempted by the blue robot - it’s just acting as a glove. However with the cone between the red robot and the field perimeter, it can be interpreted that the cone isn’t replacing the blue robot’s mechanism and hence wouldn’t apply, therefore this would be a completely legal action (as for pinning, a cone isn’t considered a field element).

Assuming that the blue robot is pushing the red robot, and the red robot is trying but unable to escape, would this scenario be a violation of SG15, and hence would this then warrant the start of a pinning count?


If the red robot had no avenue for escape, then this would be considered Trapping, using the same logic as explained in this Q&A.

The definition of Trapping is quoted below, for reference.