Answered: Clarification on PSC3

PSC3 states:

I was wondering what your definition of “motions that lead to scoring” is. Would it be legal for a team to reposition and hold their robot so that it can accurately score on the skyrise? (your not lifting up the arm you would only hold on to the base)

Thanks Karthik!

No, this is not legal. You are not allowed to be holding the Robot while it is in the process of Scoring or Building.

Thanks! I hate to nitpick, but i was wondering what “in the process of Scoring or Building” is. Would it be considered a violation if a robot is holding a skyrise section while you reposition it? Or does the robot have to be touching (directly or indirectly) the skyrise? Thanks! I hate to ask all these questions, but this can greatly affect my programming skills.

Let’s try and make this simple. You need to let go of your Robot before it starts doing things on its own.

You are allowed to reposition a Robot that is holding a Scoring Object.

It would be a violation if you were touching the Robot while the Robot was making motions towards Scoring/Building.

That cleared things up. Thanks!

You’re welcome.

P.S. Nice Robot name.

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You should see the decals on it :wink:

Haha, I hope to see them at Worlds. :slight_smile: