Answered: Clarification on <R12>

Rule <R12> reads:

“<R12> A maximum of one (1) VEX Y-cable can be used per Motor Port of the Microcontroller or Power Expander. (You cannot “Y off a Y” to have more than two (2) motors controlled by the same Motor Port.)
a. Teams using the Cortex Microcontroller can only power one (1) 2-wire Motor per each of the two 2-wire motor ports on the Microcontroller. It is illegal to “Y” off a 2-wire Motor Port.
b. Teams may not “Y” off a Motor Controller 29”

In a hypothetical scenario, we have two 393 motors that we wish to Y together. Is the correct order to do this in putting a 2-wire Y-Cable on the two leads coming out of the motor, then connecting that INTO a Motor Controller 29 which is then plugged into the Cortex?

Is it correct to use a Motor Controller 29 on each of the 393 motors, then use a 3-wire Y-cable to connect the 3-wire ends of the Motor Controller 29s, the end of which is then plugged into the Cortex?

Or is it illegal to use a Y-cable on any two-wire motors?

I just want to be absolutely sure we are not in violation of any rules.

No, this is not correct or legal.

Yes, this is correct and legal.

No, please see the response to the above question.