Answered: Clarification on <R3>

Hi Karthik,

If a mechanism is designed to fire a small piece of linear slide to the starting tile and remain connected to the robot through 4 feet of string, would this mechanism be illegal under the terms of <R3> for unnecessary risk of entanglement?

The intention is to get a parking bonus while still being able to descore/score troughs/high goal in the very final seconds of the match with a light and compact mechanism. The projectile itself is safe and poses no risk to people around the field or field elements. If string in this scenario is not legal, would other slack pieces like small chain or high strength chain be legal substitutes for string?

Thanks for your time!

Take a look at these previous Q&A responses on the same/similar topics:
"Specifically, non rigid devices which drag along the tiles, beyond the frame of the robot, will definitely be considered unnecessary risks of entanglement.