Answered: Clarification on <R3>

Can you clarify who has to deem that my mechanisms “could potentially damage other competing robots?”

Am I allowed to send you a PM with the mechanism pictured and explained, print that out, and say “Karthik approved it?”

Can I post the mechanism here, get it approved, and bring the Q&A question to Worlds? I don’t want to do that, but if it’s the only way to get something cleared then I’ll do it.

Or, am I going to have to explain a custom-built mechanism at inspection, and then go through why it’s NOT dangerous? I mean, I would never bring something that isn’t safe to a competition. But I want to get it cleared before I get there, just to be sure.

And, what exactly is necessary for me to get approval? I am… not an engineer. Do I need to find one to do the explanation for me? Or will we have to show it to a field tech? Or, what?

This decision is typically made by the inspectors and referees at an event.

No. The GDC will not provide any official answers to rules queries outside of this official Q&A.

You can, however we may not be able to give you a blanket answer based on the pictures/video you provide. We’ll do our best, but some mechanisms can’t be properly evaluated without being seen in person. Regardless, we’ll give you as much feedback as we can.

This is the typical process.