Answered: Clarification on <R7.b> and rubber bands

Hey Karthik!

<R7.b> States:

To what extent would rubber bands have to be in order to be “identical” to VEX rubber bands. Obviously this would include size, however does the elasticity have to somehow be exactly the same, or can there be some tolerance?


As you stated, the rubber bands obviously need to be the same size to be considered identical. Inspectors/referees will not be measuring elasticity; so as long as they’re close to the official VEX Rubber Bands, they’ll be legal to use.

Thank you!

Just to clarify a little more, would these rubber bands be close enough to the official VEX Rubber Bands?

Without inspecting the rubber bands myself, I can’t issue a blanket answer. However, I’m quite certain that these rubber bands would be considered “identical” for the purposes of <R7b>.

Thanks for the quick response!

You’re welcome!