Answered: Clarification on <R7> c.

I have a question regarding the rule <R7>, specially section b. and c. quoted below.

At a recent tournament in which I was the Head Referee a team was using #8 Nylon screws with their respective nut.

(Similar to these)

Other teams were alleging it was illegal to use those screws.
My final decision was that the screws were legal since rule <R7> doesn’t explicitly say that section’s b. statement of “Identical” applies to section c. “Any #4, #6, #8, M2, M2.5, M3 or M4 Screw”.

My understanding is that Sections a. through j. from rule <R7> have no relation and all are independent specifications of what can be used aside legal vex equipment. Is that judgement correct?

Thank You.

Javier Morales
Puerto Rico Institute of Robotics

Your judgement was correct. Nylon #8 screws would fall under <R7c> and are legal. Your analysis of the situation is perfect.