Answered: Clarification on Robot Manipulation defined in <SG4>

Rule <SG4> reads:

"Drivers or Coaches also may not change the configuration of the Robot in any way other than in the act of fixing the Robot (i.e. it is okay to reposition the robot relative to the field, but it is not okay to manually lift up the Robot’s arm, unless you are in the act of a repair). Any changes to the Robot’s configuration performed during the act of repair must be reversed before the Robot can leave the Alliance Starting Tile.

The intent of this rule is to allow teams to fix Robots that are unable to move, to reposition and/or reorient Robots, and to activate additional autonomous modes by interacting with the Robot via sensors or buttons.

The intent of this rule is not to allow teams to manipulate their Robot in such a way that they are controlling the Robot via human contact or creating motions that lead to scoring."

I assume that taking rubber bands off of mechanisms to expand them out of the 18"x18"x18" box would be prohibited under this clause?

If not, would applying force to mechanical elements in order to expand them beyond the box be prohibited? This is all assuming you do not allow the robot to score (As in, not moving the arm to cause scoring, just folding out, say, an intake).

This type of action is prohibited as it is clearly a change in configuration of a robot, nor is it an act of fixing a robot that is unable to move.