Answered: Clarification on rule <G12> being violated

At my vex competition yesterday there was a big argument over entanglement with quite a few teams and parents involved. The rule being discussed was <G12>. <G12> states that

To explain; It is the division finals match for high school and the head ref gave all the teams playing in the finals that we are all experienced vex teams and they will go harsher on the rules and violations of them. Around a minute or so into the match. My teams robot(victim) was up against the field perimeter wall trying to get a ball when one of the opposing teams coaches screams at them to ram into us. The opposing team went out of their way to ram into us sucking in with their intake and entangling us within them for the rest of the match making us pretty much immobile. As far as I could see they were not going for any balls and I think it was intentional entanglement as said in <G12>

Also, we cannot forget about another reference to <G12>

The refs were on the other side of the story saying that it was unintentional and the opposing team was playing defense and trying to keep us from scoring. They were defending using this statement in <G12>

Before the parents got involved one of the teams in the crowd that was not competing got a video of it to show the head ref and talk to him about the violation with or without the video(because at worlds they don’t review videos) The ref told him that he is too tired and it isn’t going to change anything without even considering his side of the story. That’s when the parents got mad and came in. In the end it was ruled unintentional and the opposing alliance moved on to the tournament finals.

What I want to know is was that the right call, calling the entanglement unintentional?

Here’s the attached the attached video, its around the one minute mark is where it happens Click Me!

Based on what can bee seen on the video, this was the right call. The video depicts normal Robot interaction with the two Robots becoming entangled. There is no rule violation for these types of actions.