Answered: Clarification on Rule R11, number of motors "used"

I would like some clarification on the use of the word “use” for Rule 11. My kids have built a robot with two of their motors buried under their construction (very bad design feature, I know). Now they are thinking of different ways of doing something and they want to “abandon” the use of those two motors and use two motors someplace else. However, to remove those two motors would be very painful, so I would like to know if two motors can be left on the robot if they are electrically disconnected and not being used for something (In other words, they would have a total of 12 motors, but only 10 would be in actual use). Furthermore, I’m afraid if they totally remove those two motors, they might find their “improvement” does not really work, so they would probably want to put those two motors back on - again, a very painful process.

The situation also makes me wonder if such “un-used” motors could be kept in place for something like programming skills. In other words, could two motors be left disconnected for competition, but then be “exchanged” for two other motors during programming skills, so that only 10 motors are actually being used at any given time even though 12 motors might be present.

Also, the part of the rule that states “2-Wire Motors must be controlled by a 2-Wire Motor Port, either directly on a VEX Microcontroller (P/N 276-2194), or on a VEX Motor Controller 29 module” seems to leave open the possibility that a motor can be considered “controlled” if it is plugged into a Controller 29 module (the number of which there seems to be no limit to). There does not seem to be any requirement that the Controller 29 module must be connected to the Cortex.

Sorry for all the legalistic hair-splitting, but I’m trying to avoid some kid problems here. :slight_smile:

This is not legal. A Robot cannot have more than 10 motors on board, regardless of whether or not they are plugged in.

Okay, thanks. Just thought I’d be absolutely sure before I break the news. :wink:

You’re welcome!

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