Answered: Clarification on rule <SG9>

I am at a local competition and I noticed that a team was DQed for “grasping” the middle trough. The team had a flat actuator, which they used to cap the top of the trough. The refs concluded that their crane and wheels, which were about 7-8 inches away from the actual goal, counted as a surround. So my question… Does it count as grasping if your actuator is left hovering over a trough after the game ends and the rest of your robot is good distance away from two other sides? I can provide a drawing later when I get back home if needed.

Also to clarify, I understand that the final ruling is left the the head judge and I respect their decisions. I would like to know if the rule’s intention was to punish defending/stuck robots or just misunderstood.


Before posting, please make sure to review the Q&A Usage Guidelines. Specifically, we ask that you always quote the specific rule you’re referring to. In this case, the rule is <SG9>

From what you have described, there does not appear to have been any grasping, grappling or attaching. Thus it does not seem to be a violation of <SG9> or merit a disqualification. However, this interpretation is being made without seeing the actual robot or situation in question.