Answered: Clarification on Rules <SG11>, <SG7>, <SG13>

Hi Karthik,

I searched both the manual and Vex Forum but the only thing I found was an unanswered related question.

3 relevant rules:

During our last tournament there were several cases of this happening:

WLOG, Blue Robot #1 is near the Red Loading Zone (but not in), in which Red Robot #1 is shooting preloads. Red Robot #2 comes over and pushes Blue Robot #1 into the Red Loading Zone, thereby disrupting the shooting of Red Robot #1.

What happened at the tournament was that in each case Blue Robot #1 was disqualified because it was in the Red Loading Zone. However, according to <SG13> Red Robot #2 is intentionally causing Blue Robot #1 to violate <SG7>. That affects the match, resulting in Red Robot #2 being disqualified.

Question 1: Were the referees at the tournament correct in disqualifying Blue Robot #1 or should Red Robot #2 be disqualified or should something else be done?

One more case if Red Robot #1 is going to elevate Red Robot #2 but Red Robot #2 has not returned to the Red Climbing Zone yet. Blue Robot #1, like before, is blocking Red Robot #2 from returning to the Red Climbing Zone, but cannot be disqualified by <SG11> because neither Blue Robot #1 nor Red Robot #2 is inside the Red Climbing Zone.

Question 2: If Red Robot #2 pushes Blue Robot #1 into the Red Climbing Zone and disrupts Red Elevation without technically breaking any rules, what should occur?
Question 3: Does it make a difference whether Case 2 in Question 2 occurs before or during the last 30 seconds of a match?

Thanks for reading through all this and answering the question, Karthik!

You are correct, Red Robot #2 has violated <SG13>. However, I’m not seeing how this could Match affecting, as Red Robot #2 has only hurt their own alliance. There would not be a DQ awarded in this situation. <SG13> would dictate that Blue Robot #1 not be punished for violating <SG7>.

If Blue Robot #1 is trying to keep Red Robot #2 from entering the Climbing Zone, but illegally encroaches upon the Climbing Zone during this process, they would be in violation of <SG11> and subject to a disqualification if the actions were determined to be Match affecting.

Yes it does. The Climbing Zone is only protected by <SG11> in the last 30 seconds of the Match.

Hi Karthik,

Thanks for answering the questions! I would just like to ask for the following clarification on your answer for Question 2.

What would happen if Blue Robot #1 sits next to but doesn’t enter the Climbing Zone and Red Robot #2 pushes Blue Robot #1 into the Climbing Zone? Blue Robot #1 is not intentionally trying to enter the Climbing Zone (and may even be actively trying to push back to get out of the Climbing Zone).

The Blue Robot should probably not sit in front of their opponents Climbing Zone. The ruling would stand as explained above.

Ok, thank you so much for the clarifications, Karthik!

You’re welcome!