Answered: Clarification on <S1>

Hi Karthik,

In rule <S1>, it states that causing scuffs or punctures in the balls is grounds for a DQ if the judge deems it so. Quoted:

If I am reading this correctly, this rule is intended to punish teams that
a. are intentionally trying to damage Field Elements or Scoring Objects
b. cause major damage to Field Elements or Scoring Objects
This, in my interpretation, means that this is NOT a rule to punish a certain design for leaving or taking off small amounts of residue off a fired ball.

Is this correct?

This interpretation is partially correct. Teams who cause major damage will obviously be considered in violation of <S1>. However, as stated in the manual, scuffs and punctures can also be considered a violation. In terms of your specific comment, taking off or leaving behind a small amount of residue is probably fine. If you post a picture, we can give you a better idea of what the ruling may be. (We obviously cannot issue a blanket ruling just based on a photo.)

We’ll just have to look for damage then.

Thanks for clearing that up!:slight_smile:

You’re welcome!