Answered: clarification on scored during skills challenge for "Scored in both"

I just want official clarification since it was debated at one of our meetings.

Under definition of scoring in the regular game manual it states the following:
“If a Scoring Object meets the criteria of being in both a red and blue High Goal OR both a red and blue Trough, it will be Scored in both.”

From the skills challenge manuals it states the following:
“Please note that all rules from “The Game” section of the manual apply to the Robot Skills Challenge, unless otherwise specified”

and it also states the following:
“All scoring is the same as in a regular VEX Sack Attack match.”

If, during programming skills or driver skills, we place sacks on the high goal which meet the definition of “scored” in both Red and Blue does that mean that those sacks are worth 20 (or 30) points each? In otherwords, if we can hang the sacks on the clear plastic separating the red triangle from the blue triangle can we score 20 points for each of the green sacks and 30 points for each of the yellow sacks that we place there?

Hope we adequately described the question, we can certainly post a picture if needed.

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In the Skills Challenge (like the normal match), a Sack scored in multiple goals of the same type will count for both goals. So in Skills, these Sacks are effectively worth double.](