Answered: Clarification on scoring

Hey Karthik!
I have a question about which robot should be pulled away first in specific conditions.

If at the end of the match, the robots were in this position:

with the red alliance robot underneath the sacks (green balls) and the blue alliance robot with the open end of the hopper facing towards the trough, how would a referee approach this situation?

If the red robot were to be pulled away first, the sacks might be in this position:

If the blue robot were to be pulled away first, the result might look like this:

So my question is, which robot would be pulled away first in such situations?

The only Robots which will be pulled away are ones where there is a clear question of support. (i.e. You cannot tell if a Scoring Object is supported without pulling it away) If two Robot are supporting the same Object at the same time, then both Robots would be pulled away simultaneously at the same gentle rate.