Answered: Clarification on <SG10>

Hi Karthik,

To start, here’s the quote from the manual:

In conjunction with your rulings in This Thread, I would like to clarify my understanding that the Starting Bar does not belong to either the 5 point or the 10 point zone. Therefore, by this interpretation, it is legal to defend against your opponent’s attempts to score in their zones while touching the starting bar. Is this correct? Or does the starting bar technically belong to the 10 point zone, thereby making it legal? I’d assume that since it was specified as its own thing in <SG10A> that it is separate, but I’d like to be assured of that.

Thanks in advance.

This is incorrect. Let’s take a look at the definition of the Starting Bar. I’ve bolded some text for emphasis.

Thus, the Starting Bar is part of the 5 Point Zone.

You are allowed to contact your opponent’s Starting Bar, since it is not part of the 10 Point Zone or 20 Point Zone. (See <SG10> quoted in your original post). However, by <SG10a> you may not contact an opposing Robot that’s touching their own Starting Bar.