Answered: Clarification on <SG11>

Hello new Karthik,

<SG11> “Robots may not put a Mobile Goal in an opposite Goal Zone. (i.e. A Robot, regardless of
Alliance, cannot put a red Mobile Goal in a blue Goal Zone or a blue Mobile Goal in a red Goal Zone.)”

I wanted to get a clarification on what defines “putting a mobile goal in a zone”.
(To my understanding, the scoring zone is the tiles themselves, and not an infinite volume above the zone).

Here is the scenario. A RED robot picks up a BLUE mobile goal and a RED mobile goal. The RED robot drives to their 5 point zone to score their own red goal. The BLUE goal, being supported by the RED robot never comes in contact with the tiles of the RED 5 point zone. However, the wheels of the supporting RED robot are touching the RED 5 point zone.

The RED robot never “put” the blue goal in the red 5 point zone. Essentially, the RED robot just held the blue goal as it touched the RED 5 point zone.

My question, does the scenario described above violate rule <SG11> ?

Since the Red robot is holding the Blue Mobile Goal above the floor, this hypothetical scenario would actually be in violation of <SG6> (bolded for emphasis):

It is also clarified in this Q&A that there are no legal ways to lift opposing Mobile Goals off of the tiles. Thus, there does not appear to be any legal way to accomplish the scenario you have described. If this doesn’t answer your question, please feel free to clarify and re-submit.