Answered: Clarification on <sg13> and hoarding

Are robots allowed to steal cubes and skyrise sections from another robot that is carrying said objects?

If this was to be legal, it would still be illegal to steal cubes/skyrise sections from another robot that is touching one of the protected squares, right? (assuming the opposing robot is not touched during this process)

If a robot isolated opposing cubes in the protected area while still carrying said cubes, would this be legal?

What would happen the act of stealing cubes/skyrise sections incidentally caused damage to the robot?

Provided that no other rules are violated in the process, this would be legal. Please pay careful attention to <SG9> when considering this type of strategy. I’ve quoted the rule below.

No, this would be a violation of <SG9d>. Remember both direct and indirect contact is legal. Thus touching a Scoring Object that’s touching an opposing Robot that’s touching their own protected tile is illegal.