Answered: Clarification on <SG4>

Karthik, at the last tournament our team participated in, one of the robots, during autonomous, moved forward a bit so that half of it was out of the square. It disconnected from the remotes while doing it and didn’t connect after autonomous. They wanted to try and fix the connection by turning it on and off. The head of the tournament said that it was illegal to turn it off and on because the robot had left the square.

Rule <SG4> states "During the Driver Controlled Period, Student Drive Team Members may handle their own Robot
as long as the robot has never left the Alliance Starting Tile. The intent of this rule is to allow teams to fix robots that were unable to move at the start of the Match. "

The rule says the intent is to allow team who were unable to move*** at the start of the match, but it also says that if the robot has never left, the action would be okay. I was wonder what the official ruling would be so that we don’t have this conflict at further tournaments.


Thank you for the answer (and quite the quick response)!

You’re welcome!

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