Answered: Clarification on <SG6> with regards to High and Low Elevation

A low or high elevated robot would not qualify as touching the loading zone. However, if the elevated robot is fully within the area of the loading zone, would it be legal to place driver control loads onto it?

Would this simply be considered placing the objects into the loading zone, or would touching its partner (who is touching the loading zone) and being within the loading zone qualify as touching the zone?

Would the ruling change if the elevated robot was only partially within the area of the loading zone?

This is correct.

No, <SG6> still applies. To load into a Robot, the Robot must be touching the Loading Zone.

Unrelated, please make sure you are reading and quoting the most current version of the manual. The version of <SG6> that you quoted is not the most current version that was published on June 15th.

Thanks Karthik!

Apologies, I pulled my quote from this document:

It comes up first in a google search for “vex nothing but net game manual.” I don’t know why this occurs but I think some confusion might be eliminated if that document were taken down and/or replaced with the June 15th version.

Thanks again!

You’re welcome, and thanks for letting us know about the link!