Answered: Clarification on <SG9> and a fully built skyrise

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<SG9> quoted for convenience:

From the wording of the rule, would it be correct to say that the intent of the rule is outlined in the first line, “Robots may not interfere with an opposing Alliance’s Building of Skyrise Sections in any way.”?

If the above is true, would the list of actions in A-F still be deemed as illegal once a Skyrise is fully built to the 7 sections, as any contact would not be inhibiting an alliances ability to build the Skyrise?

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This is highly dependent on the type of action taking place. For example, pushing a Robot into their own fully Built Skyrise in an effort to negate it, would still be considered a violation of <SG9>. Contacting an empty Autoloader that will never be refilled because there are no more Skyrise Sections available would not be considers a violation.

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Just for further clarification, would defensive play around the Skyrise area be legal once it is fully built? For example, would blocking the Skyrise to stop an opponent scoring on cubes, or sitting near it to stop an opponent scoring be legal?

Defensive play around the Skyrise Area is legal, until you violate one of the specific clauses listed in <SG9>. Of course if the violation is minor, only a warning would be issued.

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