Answered: Clarification on SG9 and defensive play

Hi Karthik,

During the recent Asia Pacific Vex Championship, there was quite a fair bit of strong defensive play.

While most of it were easy decision-making, there are 2 cases that I thought we should seek clarification.

1st case:

A robot entered an opponent protected zone. There was no robots in the protected zone.
The decision was DQ.
But the disqualified team’s point of view is that since the opponent was not building skyrise, then SG9 should not kicked in (since they were not interfering with the opponent in building skyrise).

2nd case:

Blue alliance robot trying to build skyrise, but half of the robot was out of the protected zone.
Red alliance robot went over to try to push blue alliance robot away.
Decision: No DQ, since not the entire robot was in the protected zone (SG9d).

Would appreciate if we can know the proper interpretation of the rules.
I can foresee a lot more defensive play during the World.


As always, it’s impossible for us to issue blanket rulings on snapshots of actual situations. That being said, we can provide some guidance.

From what you’ve described, this should have been a warning for violating a specific clause of <SG9>. Since there were no other Robots present, this clearly does not sound like it was a match affecting offense warranting a DQ. But as always, the disclaimer from above applies.

There’s not enough information here for us to provide an informed response. It doesn’t appear that a specific clause of <SG9> was violated, however without seeing the entire circumstances of what happened, it would be impossible to make a ruling.