Answered: Clarification on <SG9> and <SG10>

Would interfering with the opponent’s skyrise-building activities without violating any of the clauses mentioned in <SG9> be legal?

If another robot, fully within the alliance starting tile, touches a non-moving robot that is in a position that interferes with skyrise-building activities, would the interfering robot be in violation of SG9, or would the robot building the skyrise be in violation of SG10? What if the skyrise-building robot touched the interfering robot with a skyrise section in an attempt to build the skyrise?

If the interfering robot stops moving by its own power after settling into a position where it inhibits skyrise-building without violation of the clauses mentioned in SG9, would the robot be safe from any possibility of violating SG9 because any action that could violate SG9 must have been caused by the other robot?

In both scenarios this would be a violation of <SG9> by the interfering Robot, punishable by a warning or DQ for a match affecting offense. The key here is that the defending Robot has put itself in a position such that the Skyrise building robot is forced to contact the defending while trying to Build their Skyrise.

No, the interfering robot is still violating <SG9> by inhibiting Skyrise Building. The contact by the Skyrise Building robot is not an intentional strategy to cause a penalty; they are trying to build a Skyrise and are contacting an opposing Robot that’s in their way.

In summation, if you want to avoid <SG9> penalties, you need to stay away from your opponent’s Skyrise.

Ok, thanks!

You’re welcome!

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