Answered: Clarification on <SG9>

If an easily removed robot surrounds the plate between the high goals on 4 sides in an attempt to de-score an opposing alliance’s stack of sacks on the opposite side of the field, would this violate <SG9>.

If the robot maintains this state at the end of the match, Referees/Drivers will be able to remove the robot without changing the state of any mechanisms.

Please take a look at the new version of <SG9> which was updated today:

From what you’ve described, it seems that your robot would be surrounding a field element in a way that would constitute grasping and would violate <SG9>. Thus it would be illegal. However, without seeing your exact implementation it’s impossible to issue a blanket ruling.

I do not have an image sharing website to post any photos :frowning: unfortunately i would think there is a possibility of field damage if another robot interacts with us in this position. Thus, violating “unintentionally damaging the field” portion of <SG9>.

Thank you for the help:)

You’re welcome. :slight_smile: