Answered: Clarification on SG9

Quoting from SG9
<SG9> Robots may not intentionally grasp, grapple or attach to any Field Elements. Strategies with
mechanisms that react against multiple sides of a field element in an effort to latch onto said field
element are prohibited. (See figures 8-10) The intent of this rule is to prevent teams from both
unintentionally damaging the field, and from anchoring themselves to the field. Violations of this rule will
result in a Disqualification.

What if my robot is an act of scoring like in the picture , would it be legal ?

Yes, this would be legal. You are not intentionally attaching yourself to the field.

Thank you Karthik . Sorry for the small picture .

You’re welcome. Don’t worry about the small picture, in this case it clearly illustrated your point.