Answered: Clarification on SG9

Hi Karthik,

The rule has clearly stated that no teams should interfere with the opponents’ building of skyrise sections.

My question is that - if the opponents have finished building all their 7 sections of skyrise, and are just carrying cubes to score into the built skkyrise, are teams allowed to interfere with their scoring of cubes then (e.g. getting into the protected zone to block the opponents from scoring the cubes, etc) ?

If the opponents have finished all the 7 sections, then there are no chance of them still building skyrise, does that means that SG9 will no longer be relevant?

Just want to be crystal clear on the allowed defensive moves before we go to World.

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

The specific clauses of <SG9> still apply even after a 7 high Skyrise has been built.

Thanks for the quick reply.