Answered: Clarification on size

In a question earlier this week on the topic of size, concerning a feeder, the answer ended with

Yet SG10 says

If a robot never left the Climbing Zone, could it extend past the 18" X 18"? Or could it extend beyond 18" X 18" while in the climbing zoe as long as it didn’t expand outside the climbing zone?

Admittedly, this seems like it will be really difficult for the Refs, particularly in violations that might be 0.25"

Yes, you are correct.

Yes, agreed. This is a good thing to look for in the inspection process and warn teams about early.

Thank you!

I have been reflecting on this and am struggling with how Referees are to handle this. A robot shows up for a match, the assumption is it passed inspection. But, unlike years passed, it feels like passing inspection is conditional

  1. Robot Is under 18" X 18" X 18" under all conditions

  2. Robot Exceeds 18" height when lifting, so as long as it it is the climbing zone, during the last 30 seconds, it complies with SG3 & SG10

  3. Robot Exceeds 18" X 18" horizontal dimensions when shooting, loading or some other function(s) and so can only perform that function while in the climbing zone to comply with SG3 & SG10

A referee may be hard pressed to determine if #3 is being violated during a match

If a referee sees a team violating the rule, they should call the infraction. Referees should try and do this to the best of their ability.