(Answered) Clarification on skills challenge top 30 world vex slots

If a team were to be in top 30 in both the programming skill and the robot skill challenges, will their school get one or two world vex slots?

Qualification for World Championship either through tournament results, the skills competitions, or the Online Challenges is for a team, not a school or club. If a team qualifies in both Programming Skills and Robot Skills scores, it still only receives one invitation to World Championship.

(This post was moved from the Sack Attack Q&A because this is a World Championship question and not a Sack Attack game question.)

Thank you. In the event a team is in top 30 for both categories, will the rank 31 of robot skills or rank 31 of programming skills get the extra place since the team will not get both placings?

The list of teams invited to World Championship from the Skills Challenges will not be modified based on “double qualifiers.” The top 30 from each Challenge will be invited.