Answered: Clarification on the timing of <SG6>

Rule <SG6> states:

My question pertains to exactly when the robot is disabled after breaking the plane of the opposing alliance starting tile.

Is the tournament manager responsible for disabling the robot as soon as a robot breaks the plane of the other team’s alliance starting tile, thereby ending the autonomous mode?

Is the robot disabled at the end of the Autonomous period, allowing the robot to complete their autonomous mode?

Is a discrepancy in the timing of disabling robots from whatever your response is here enough to warrant a match replay, assuming that the Autonomous mode’s effect changed the outcome of the match?

Tournament Manager does not handle the disablement of robots.

The referees will disable the robot at the earliest possible time. This may or may not be during the Autonomous Period. The referees need time to both read and react to the situation.

We can’t issue any sort of blanket guidance beyond what is stated in <G14>, quoted below, in regards to potential replays.