Answered: Clarification on Trapping

Trapping is defined in the manual as:

“A Robot is considered to be trapped if an opposing Robot has restricted it into a small, confined area of the field, approximately the size of one foam field tile or less, and has not provided an avenue for escape.”

If a red robot were to place a ring of metal, which remains legally attached to the red robot, around a blue robot such that the blue robot inside that ring has more than one foam field tile of space, would the red robot be considered to be trapping the blue robot?

No, this would not be trapping, as the blue Robot would have more than foam field tile of space in which they could maneuver. However, any design that you have described would be heavily scrutinized for the risk of entanglement, and would also be considered a “Wall-bot” and would receive extra scrutiny and fewer protections under <G11>.

Perfect. Thanks.

You’re welcome.

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We actually have a followup.

Would the red area be considered “larger than one foam tile?” A standard field tile is 576 in^2.

It depends on the implementation of the actual device.