Answered: Clarification On When Hanging is Permitted

At the competitions I’ve been to, the referees stated that a Robot may not hang until the last 30 seconds of the Match. However, when I looked through the manual, nowhere does it state such a thing. Here’s the definition of a High or Low Hang:

It does not state that the Robot has to wait until 30 seconds are left in the match before it can make the hang, even though the Robot may be in position beforehand (according to my referees). I also could not find any connection between the deployment of the Driver Control Load and a High Hang.

The question is, can the Robot legally Hang anytime in the Match, as long at it is Hanging at the end of the Match? For example, can the Robot legally make the climb at 45 seconds remaining?

This is incorrect.

You are correct.

Yes, Robots may Hang at any time during the Match.

Yes, this is legal.