Answered: Clarification SG4


This may seem like a silly question but I am looking for a clarification on rule SG4 and interacting with your robot in between the autonomous and driver control periods. In a tournament this past weekend we came across a scissor bot that would fully extend vertically during autonomous with such force that all four of it’s wheels would lift completely off the playing surface. In a few of this team’s matches this also caused the robot to fall over - once nearly leaving the game field entirely, while almost taking out one of its drivers in the process. The ruling this past weekend was that the robot never left the starting tile, so the team was allowed to right the robot before the start of driver control. I guess the clarification Im looking for is, what does it mean to leave your starting tile? Does the robot actually have to drive completely off the tile? How much of the robot must still be touching the starting tile before its deemed to have left? Did the judges in this case, correctly interpret this rule?

No, this is absolutely not legal. Let’s take a look at the exact wording of <SG4>.

Since lifting a Robot is not one of the four allowable actions listed in the rule, it is not legal.