Answered: Clarifications on SG6a

Hi Karthik,

Sorry that we have another question (as Singapore Championship is just around the corner, we really hope to iron out as much ambiguities as possible).

This is regarding the application of SG6a, as quoted below:

  1. Does SG6a refers to physically pinning or holding the opponent robot at a place?

  2. We have a robot that will extend across the opposite side of the fence. The robot does not move (once the wall or barrier is deployed) and will be resting fully on the tiles at our own side.
    It will only be touching one side of the fence and nothing else.
    This will create a wall at the opposing side.
    While it will restrict the movement of the opponent robots, it is definitely not the intention to restrict by contact.

Will this be legal?

thanks for your time

Both are illegal.

Restricting the movement of opposing Robots by having part of your Robot cross over the Fence is illegal. You are responsible for any restrictions of movement that result from you reaching over the Fence. Thus if a Robot extends into a wall on the other side of the Fence, and an opposing Robot contacts it and can’t get past it, this would be a violation of <SG6a>.

Simply put wallbots on your side of the Fence are legal. Wallbots that extend to the other side of the Fence are almost certain to violate <SG6a>.