Answered: Clarity for Tournament Organization

I know Karthik is probably taking a well-earned vacation right now, so I don’t expect an immediate result, but I wanted to post this in the official Q&A as well as the discussion boards for official consideration.

This year at the World Championship, the winner was determined by a finalist round-robin configuration. However, the VEX manual is very clear in how tournaments must use the best-of-three elimination bracket to decide on the winner.

I’m not trying to debate the results of Worlds, but rather requesting that the manual be revised to include something like:

There is no set criteria in the VRC Manual on how events handle potential playoffs between division winners. Yes, the standard best of three format had always been used at the VEX World Championships until this past season. The RECF always reserves the right to make tournament changes at the World Championship. Whenever any such change is made, teams will be given advanced notice to ensure they can prepare accordingly.