Answered: Clearer Definition for Scored

The current definition of scored seems to be insufficient. Although gently pulling the robots away from the trough will work for most cases of partial descoring, I can imagine designing a robot that ends the match with a specially designed rake touching the far side of the opponent trough and some of the sacks inside to the degree that the pull test is required. As the referees gently pull the robot away, the rake would descore all the sacks. So some questions regarding this situation:

  1. Should there be a gentle push test for some situations?
  2. Should there be a raise-the-arm test for some situations?
  3. Any combination of the mentioned 3 tests?

Sorry for the vague description but I feel robots can take advantage of how the descore test is currently applied.

Thanks Karthik!

In most situations, there is no reason to move any Robots at the end of the Match to determine if any Scoring Objects are supported. This test is only applied in the most extreme circumstances, where it is absolutely necessary to determine if Scoring Objects are supported. When the test is applied, it will be done so in such a way that it disrupts as little of the field as possible, and such that teams don’t gain an advantage as a result of the test. (i.e Any disruptions to the field during the test, will be ignored.)

Okay, thanks for the answer as always Karthik!

You’re welcome!