Answered: Coach clarifications again

1)During autonomous period of the World cup final match I noticed what appeared to be a coach (looked like an adult) reposition a robot legally…but then activated an autonomous button to start the robot moving. Is a coach allowed to activate a control during autonomous?

If not how would this be penalized?

  1. Three students on the field. One with a controller. Can any of them activate an autonomous switch? Who is the coach?

Let’s take a look at the applicable rule in the VEX Gateway Game Manual

Yes, coaches may handle the robot during Autonomous.

The one who is designated as the coach, indicated at most events by a badge, is the coach. However, as answered above, the coach may interact with the robot in Autonomous.

It just seemed to go against the philosophy that drivers must be in control of the robot and not the coaches. Handling did not necessarily imply control to me.

But glad you cleared it up.


You’re welcome. The reason this rule was written this way was because we knew there were a lot of jobs to be done this year in the alliance station (lifting the gate, match loading, handling the robot), so we wanted to make sure there were enough hands to do the jobs, while still restricting robot driving to the Drivers.