Answered: College Challenge - help with parts

Hi I’m a sophomore in college we just started up this robotics club to compete in the College challenge. I’m having a hard time getting any answer to a major question we have regarding making our own parts. Are we able to machine any extra parts for the robot out of aluminum stock? we have come up with some ideas for a claw but need to know if we can make any of these parts in our machining lab on our own? We need help, we are already behind schedule any information would be helpful.

The only modifications to the “standard” rules of Elevation for the VRC College Challenge are listed in Appendix F of the competition manual. There is no mention about relaxing the restrictions on robot fabrication. Your team needs to obey all the rules as listed in Section 4 – “The Robot” specifically <R5>. This rule makes the custom fabrication you have listed, illegal.