Answered: College Division

Not sure if this is the right section, if not I’m sorry please place it where it should be.

When will we recieve more information about the College Division, will it even be ready for this year of competition?

More information on the College Division will be announced around the end of September 2008.

Thank you for the update.

Information on the VEX Robotics Competition College Challenge has been released. Refer to Appendix F of the Elevation game manual, or the event page on Robot Events.

Registration is now open for the College Challenge World Championship.

We’ve received many inquiries in the last two days and wanted to make sure everyone knew the registration is now open at We’re also pleased to announce that the entry fee for the College Challenge World Championship has been reduced from $750 to only $250 per team thanks to two very generous sponsors and supporters (there will be a more detailed announcement about their support in about a week).

We can’t wait to see the final list of registered teams participating in this inaugural event!

Thanks for the information, I hope I can get a team together before it’s filled up.